Sunday, August 10, 2008


i'm sorry to say that i'm still settling into my new rental home a/k/a The Cottage and recovering from lap-band surgery. yes, you read that right. i moved into the cottage on august 1st and on august 6th, i had lap-band surgery. yesterday was a VERY uncomfortable day for me recovery wise, but i was still out and about and piddling around. i have to be doing something! today, i'm feeling much better and have been able to eat some moist pureed foods. i'll pretty much be on moist, soft foods for 5 weeks. i've already lost 15 lbs as of the day of surgery due to the 2 week pre-op liquid diet. i don't own a scale (yet) so i'm not sure where i'm at right now. my gut is bloated beyond belief due to the air that is squirt into your abdomen for the laparoscopic surgery. i'm finally fartin' & burpin' it all out after eating Gas-X Extra-Strength chewables like they were candy. whew.
i have promised my friends i'd take photos of the new place and all, but i have a really good excuse for not having that done. i can't find my camera. it can't be too far because there are only a few more boxes that i haven't gone through and unpacked. maybe i'll find it tonight and i'll post some stuff up for you.
while i haven't been hungry, i have been thinking about food and one of my flickr faves, splatgirl, has posted some scrumptious photos of recipes she's put together since taking part in her community coop garden this summer. check out splatgirl's photostream to drool over them yourself. while you're there, check out all of her home projects. she's got the coolest house ever and she's incredibly creative. i'm in lust with her handmade bags!


Stew Magoo said...

Hey Jac, glad you're getting settled in. Here in the deep south "settle" usually means that I'm in trouble. Again. Hehehhehe

How's Ainsley doing? (I spell that right?)

Happy Sunday

coolchick said...

Glad you're feeling better. Don't rush it. Once all the gas goes away, you'll probably feel better. And some food will probably push all the gas south. Fingers crossed for you!

Arwen said...

Hope you are feeling better soon and getting unpacked and settled!

I'll be sending good thoughts your way!

Anonymous said...

Jacque...knowing how much you enjoy nature photos, I want to share a site with you and your friends.

Go to the top of the page and click CHAPTERS....then to NATURE. A close friend of mine has a few pics in there.(William Stoddard)

Hope you enjoy them.

Love ya sweetie,