Thursday, July 24, 2008

dancing in the rain

the past few days (oh to be honest it's been the past few WEEKS) have been particularly humid AND hot. mother nature has been quite the tease, sending seductive dark clouds and meandering breezes that just don't quite get right down to the goodness that God gave 'em. Well today was different....finally! Sitting around in the dog park (to Ainsley it is "the people park") we moaned about how humid it was today and looked up at the dark clouds that may or may not hold gallons of cool soothing rainwater just ready to pitter patter on down and cool this old earth off. there was much lighthearted talk about ensuring yourself more good karma by picking up additional poop piles than your dog pooped out, the perils and perks of having a dog that could be considered obsessed==perhaps even autistic, the perils of rescue dogs who were once used as testers in labratories, and, last but not least, about quiqong, positive collaterol impact upon sexual pleasure. you know that was the most animated and exciting conversation i've had the pleasure of witnessing and being a part of it at least on the periphery. finally the heavens opened up and unleashed the most refreshing, cool drops of rain down upon me and my human and canine commrades. while some ran for their umbrellas, i took pleasure in feeling the cool drops fall all over me. it reminded me of how free and easy i was as a kid. i absolutely LOVED playing in the rain and its resulting puddles. today, i had a little glimpse back to that feeling. it was so nice. i can't wait to run out and dance in the nest rainstorm that comes my way!

if it makes you happy, it makes you smile, and it makes your heart just feel full and right, then just do it! don't mope and moan and groan at home under the sheets. get out there and actually DO what gives you joy.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Rain can be be so very cleansing, can't it? It sounds like the whole day was a great one! Dog poop and!

Deana said...

I like twirling with the rain in my face sometimes too. I just don't go out when the lightening is too much!