Wednesday, August 13, 2008

karma: bitter bites or warm caresses.

Boobs, Injuries, & Dr Pepper is a blog i've been reading for over a year now, maybe longer. i originally was attracted to the blog because crystal, the mama and creator of BIDP, lives in my home state of mississippi. i've learned so much from reading crystal's entries and have come to have great respect for her. recently, a bit of crazy crisis occurred over at the BIDP ranch regarding little miss mini-me of BIDP, virginia.
so crystal's little girl, virginia has been saving all her moolah to buy her very own nintendo ds and was thrilled to be able to buy something of her very own with her own money. remember how that was once upon a time? yeah, i thought so.
after virginia became a full-fledged, card-carrying member of the american consumer population, crystal treated the kids to Red Robin up in the Memphis area. it wasn't a little deal. it was a BIG deal. money's tight for most folks these days and treating a bunch of little heathens angels is getting more and more expensive every day it seems. so anyways, they had a fairly poor experience that escalated to a great big giant circle jerk that resulted in poor virginia being entirely crushed. imagine the poor child crying her eyes out and thinking only of how others were effected by HER actions. i love this kid already. that's saying a lot.
so anyways. crystal and the BIDP crew were pleasantly surprised when the circle-jerkers restaurant people fell all over themselves to make amends of all sorts to little miss virginia and mommy crystal. they did so much that they upped the ante and really WOWed the BIDP crew with their sincerity and commitment to their customers.
now, little miss virginia is wowing them right back and insists on paying back FORWARD all the kindness that she and mama crystal have received from the internets in the wake of this cruel experience. mr paul, a member of our US armed forces, sent little miss virginia a replacement nintendo ds and now little miss virginia wants to literally pay it forward by donating that nintendo ds to a deserving child. if you know of a child who deserves a brand spanking new nintendo ds, check out the link "FORWARD" for details on how to nominate a child.
crystal has been through so much trauma, pain, self-defeat, and agony; yet she focused more on what she could do to help others with her story, how she could turn hell into just a little bit of heaven. it's clear that her little girl has certainly taken on her mama's sensitivity, empathy, and kindness.
all in all, this experience reminds me, as many experiences these days do, that karma can be a bitch or an angel. which one would you rather deal with? your answer should guide your own actions. you really DO reap what you sow.

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