Friday, April 04, 2008

will there be regrets?

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dear me,
when i am old.............i promise myself try to not really give a crap what others thing of me. i want to be one of those strong, spunky, old ladies who says whatever she means. i think i may already be getting there.
i just wonder if, when the time comes, i will be able to deal with the regrets. i have regrets now and i wonder if they will still be with me later. will i be happy and satisfied with the life i've lead or will i still be hurt and confused and regretful of lost opportunities?
my hope is that the horizon will look peaceful while the road behind me has been well travelled and explored.
regrets would, i think, be really hard to deal with if that was all i could see ahead of me or behind me.

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Deana said...

No regrets. We have to forgive ourselves and move on I think by that age. By then I think we will know why things went as they did don't you?