Thursday, April 03, 2008


to my abusers,
i have one question for you: “why?”
i don’t believe that you can provide a valid answer. you may not even HAVE an answer. i wonder how you’d feel if the things you did to me were done to your own daughter. what then? i wonder if you realize that karma is real and it really does bite. hard. i wonder if you realize that despite the issues that i continue to deal with, partially because of what YOU did to me, i’m fairly happy with my life. i wonder if you were aware of how deep the scars go. i wonder if you know how your actions and your words affected me, even from so long ago. i wonder if you have a guilty conscience. i wonder if you ever think about it and feel badly. i wonder if you would take it back if you could.
even though i ask, i know i may never know. i can accept that. i have no other choice but to accept it.


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Deana said...

Hugs:) I belive in karma, I do, I really do.