Wednesday, April 02, 2008

dude, what were you thinkin?

to the dude on the PATH train with the music blaring so loud from his headphones that i, a profoundly deaf person, could hear the music and heard somone singing,

dude, you are not gonna be able to hear much of anything in about ten years, if not sooner. don't you want to hear your kids say "da-da" and hear your lover say "i love you"? don't you want to carry your obvious love of music throughout your life?
while i know that the thing to do is to listen to your music, books, whatever on portable music players, i really don't think everyone on the train car really cared to share in your listening pleasures. just sayin'.

i hope you'll turn it down a notch and enjoy it (and your overall hearing health) for a longer period of time.


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