Wednesday, September 19, 2007

well shit stinky.

time flies. it's tuesday night. i didn't forget but simply didn't get around to posting the mo' love mondays on monday. monday was awesome. today was right up there, too. monday was awesome because the weather was nice and my class just rocks. today was comparable for different reasons. ainsley is officially a city dog (at least i think the following makes her an official city dog)--she peed on the sidewalk! yay! she still won't shit do the stinky on the sidewalk, but i got no problem with that. we're close enough to central park that she can do her stinkies there. i am so proud of my girl! she rocks! i managed to get her to central park this AM in time for her to spend about half an hour off leash before we had to run back for a 9am meeting. there were SO MANY dogs! cute dogs! ugly dogs! nice dogs! not so nice dogs! it was awesome. too bad i'm not a morning person or i would make myself come into the city so she could have a couple of hours of fun time in the park a couple of times a week. well, i ain't a morning person so it ain't gonna happen that often. i think she'll live. i'm really digging central park. not only that, i'm really digging my job. i'm beginning to be able to envision myself here for the long haul. now i just need to either find someone who needs an old bitch and a wonderful dog for roomates in manhattan. i kinda doubt i'm gonna find a sugar daddy in this town. i think i'm one of only a handful of fat people here. maybe i will have that fat people's surgery--after all, i am a fat people. at any rate, things are going swell so far. there are, understandably, a few negatives floating around but i am hopeful that those negatives will be relieved or eliminated over time. i'll keep my fingers crossed just in case.


Deana said...

Well congrats that you have a city dog on your hands now!

My friend I am visiting in Vegas soon works with all these 0 models and told me that their plus size wedding gown models are now only 10s....I said well damn I guess you'll be hanging out with a plus sizer then because I sure ain't a 0. I wish people would quite being soooo dangerously thin. I'd love to lose weight too but I don't want to be a 0. HEck I don't want to even be a 2!

Anonymous said...

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