Monday, September 24, 2007

mo' love monday

it's monday again! i can't believe it's monday already. the weekends just don't last long enough for me--just like money don't seem to spread far enough! remember that boomtown rats song from the late 70's early 80's--i don't like mondays? yeah well, that's how i usually feel about mondays. i don't like 'em. mo' love mondays is pretty much an attempt on my part to make mondays a little bit of a better place for the world. ok, ok, a better place for ME! today i'm highlighting one blogger from wisconsin who has firecracker wit and a spitfire personality. it's not surprising, then, that jess riley is a soon to be published novelist under the random house imprint with the spring 2008 release of her novel, riding with larry resnick. go check out riley's ramblings, spread a little monday love to jess and enjoy yourself along the way.

EXTRA: i have a wonderful friend who recently learned that her father has a very severe and aggressive form of bladder cancer. it doesn't look good. please keep my friend, her father, and their family in your thoughts today and if you pray to a higher being (God, Buddah, Allah, etc.) please pray for them. i sure do appreciate it. so do they.

ya'll be good now, y'hear?

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coolchick said...

Thank you Jac. ((((smoochies))))