Tuesday, June 19, 2007


fresh brewed coffee. fresh morning dew. fresh minds. fresh ideas. you get the idea. as much as i bemoan mornings--i'd much rather be snuggled under a light blanket dreaming of keanu or flying or fighting flying elephants or whatever than to rise with the sun. still, i see the simplicity and the efficiency in rising early. there is a quiet and calm of the early morning hours that are as appealing to me as the middle of the night. only a matter of minutes between the two.
yesterday i certainly rose with the sun. i was perhaps more productive than the previous several days. i suppose because i had a purpose and a schedule for a change. my brief hiatus between semesters was luxurious and much appreciated as well as completely unstructured and lazy. i felt like a very spoiled princess for most of it and damn if that wasn't the schizz! but y'all know what? i realize i crave and need structure and substance to my days. with a structured schedule and a list of tasks to accomplish, i feel grounded. i feel, well, fresh. i still don't like waking early in the morning, but once i've done it i realize i can deal with it. i'll never be all breezy and smiley and joyous in the mornings--silent and grumpy is the best i think i can do. hell, it's the best i'm willing to do. for now.

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coolchick said...

It's especially tough when you've had maybe 2 hours sleep. But you're right, once you're up and at 'em, it's not that tough. Of course, then you get so used to it that you wake up early on the weekends, and can't possibly remain in bed. Pretty unfair, eh?