Sunday, January 07, 2007

start. stop.

the spring 2007 semester is beginning tomorrow. things aren't going as i had hoped. i have quite a bit to consider in terms of "what next" and accepting the fact that i have some weaknesses that are going to hold me back UNTIL i turn them into strengths.
but you know what? i FEEL so much better without the stress.
i am going to try to post more and more consistently. i don't promise i will, but i do promise that i'll try.

hope your new year is going good for you.


coolchick said...

When you figure out how to turn weaknesses into strengths, PLEASE tell me how??? I so need to know this secret!

Love ya!


ƒåυνέ said...

Amen to that, CC.

Good to see you around again.

Carmi said...

Sounds like you have just the right attitude as the new year dawns.

I have no worries about you.

All the best in '07, my friend.