Monday, January 01, 2007

new years and new beginnings

happy new year. dick clark made it out to host again this year. as die hard fans remember, Dick suffered a stroke last December that prevented him from hosting the 2006 new years rockin' eve. ryan seacrest seems to be doing a wonderful job filling in.
when we have a new year, we usually start thinking about all the things we are going to do or just do differently in the year to come. some smart monkey decided to call it 'NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS" to give it added weight and pressure. well this year it is to be referred to by me and those around me as "the list thing". the list already has a few items on it. maybe i'll be loopy enough and fruity enough to share it with the world soon. obviously i have nothing to hide, or maybe that should be a resolution: to hide more? :-)

stay tuned. more nonessential stuff is coming.


coolchick said...

Happy New Year Jacque!

Useless Man said...

All the best to you in 2007!