Saturday, December 30, 2006

not what i wanted to hear.

noel has cancer.
i never thought she would live as long as she has. of all the cats and dogs in my life, they have almost all had short, ill-fated lives. noel was different from the moment i saw her curled up on the side of the highway just outside of yazoo city as i made my daily commute to jackson for work. she's been cuddling and loving and kissing and nuzzling every since then. she's continued to be playful and frisky up until recently, playing with the dog's tennis balls, rolling in cat-nip, and watching the squirrels prance around in the yard. i'll always remember her as the tough little cookie with the sweet, warm heart. she stayed right by my side, literally, when i was ill with a severe case of pneumonia (not to mention all the bruises, sniffles and sneezes before and after). she put a 120 lb rottweiller in her place with the flick of a paw (packed with razor sharp claws of course)and makes it well known that she prefers the company of canine companions rather than her own feline kind. she has always been quite fond of giving kitty kisses, nuzzling, and giving love bites, even on the tip of your human nose. she is easily enchanted by the sound of whistling and has developed an affinity for lounging in front of a roaring fire.
i'm grateful that i've had seventeen long years with my little black and white fur ball. she's hanging on despite the fact that this is an untreatable and highly aggressive type of feline cancer. she has trouble eating and her throat is very inflammed. i am hoping to prolong the inevitable. i'm sure she will let me know when the time is right. for now, i'll cherish the time i have left with her, my little baby cat.


Prema said...

{{{{Jacq}}}} I'm SO sorry you're losing Noel, but am glad she has you to love her and be with her until the end. It's never easy, losing an animal you love, but the years of joy they bring to our lives make the pain of loss at the end worth it, I think.

coolchick said...

(((Jacque))) I know how much Noel means to you. Seventeen years is a wonderful lifetime for any pet, however the double edged sword is how much more difficult it will be to lose her. I hope she will indeed let you know, and I hope her passing is peaceful. You should have your mom take a picture of you with Noel to keep for the future.

Love you sweet pea!

kelly said...

I am so so so sad to read this! Noel is such a beautiful and sweet kitty, and I am so glad that I had the pleasure of meeting her. I know you love her so deeply (just how deeply, I am sure I can't even begin to understand), and that you will make her last days as sweet as you have the past 17 years. She has been as lucky to have you as you have to have had her. I hope that neither of you suffer too much, and that her passing is as painless as possible. My heart goes out to both of you.