Friday, March 03, 2006

15 football stadiums full of debris.

Good Morning America's Robin Roberts, a mississippi native, reported earlier this week on the painfully slow progress toward rebuilding mississippi's gulf coast 6 months after katrina. (the link is fixed now :o)

ADDENDUM: Trading Spaces did a special "swap" with two families on the mississippi gulf coast. of course i bawled like a baby during the first 15 minutes of the show, but i was so humbled and proud to see the sense of community, the bright spirit, and the positive attitudes that certainly remind me of home. mississippi might not be at the top of any polls or lists, but there is no place like home for love, friendship, family, and community.


Im Chele In [dot] LA said...

o dang I wanted to watch this..
I will ahve to see when it shows again.

Nick Zegarac said...

Sure, let's exploit two families that have lost everything and make them pathetic figures from coast to coast through the miracle of exploitations. It's a ratings bonanza. Television knows NO shame!

jac said...

well, nick, i'm not sure how this qualifies as exploitations. showing two young couples who have NOT screamed and demanded that someone come and do XYZ for them because they are victims, but showing the humble, determined way that they have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and plunged right into improving their situation.
exploitation is what many in new orleans have been doing since the get go: using a very unfortunate situation to elicit the handouts and sympathy that they deem is required to rebuild their city.
i implore you to find a mirror image of the new orleans depictions and the mississippi / alabama gulf coast depictions after katrina. show me.