Friday, November 04, 2005

spook-a-palooza ?

no one could ever accuse madison, wisconsin of being a boring place that's for sure
halloween on state street

i've never seen so many individuals with absolutely zero respect for safety and civility. i was appalled at the uw-madison student response to the university administration's announcement that no overnight guests would be allowed in the university dormitories. the overwhelming attitude was: "no one is going to tell me what to do". the arrogance, attitude of entitlement, and complete disregard for authority should not have been surprising seeing as it is coming from such young individuals. i still remember being that age and of that frame of mind myself. how embarrassing.
of course the mayor of madison and the law enforcement task forces and the university administrators and all the other authority figures make threats and shake fingers and lay blame at the feet of many. i guess that's the way it's supposed to be, right? kids rebel. adults fuss and argue.
bottom line is, halloween on state street is a tradition and it's going to continue despite all the huffing and puffing from Mayor Dave Cieslewicz (chess-le-vick) and all the other powers that be. task forces for halloween preparations and festivities have tried to provide alternative activities in an attempt to reduce violence, vandalism, and rioting. the problem, as i see it, is that all of these alternative activities occur long before the mayhem begins. wouldn't it be more proactive to provide alternative activities when the bars close and all the drunken revelers pour onto the streets? just a thought on my part.

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