Wednesday, October 05, 2005

uhhhh...... customer service? where?

this week is National Customer Service Week. notice it doesn't say "National Good Customer Service Week" and most likely for a reason.

poor customer service seems to be the standard, the norm, the usual rather than the exception. nothing ups my ire moreso than having to deal with a fully clueless person in a service related position (anyone who deals with a consumer). i was pleased to see that Tom Petrosky of Melborne, FL is of the same mind. Tom was featured in the article, "Service with a Smirk" on a FL news website. the same article pleased me to no end at the mention that "consumer rage" is on the rise. i guess that makes me one sick puppy?

in this 2001 article, a interesting way to make a point as a consumer is highlighted. it involves the use of a dead male deer strategically placed in the vicinity of the offending business establishment or its representatives. the author takes it a step further, providing quite a novel suggestion for avoiding consumer rage.

San Antonio Express News' Rosemary Barnes wrote an article back in September that really seems to sum up the whole era of bad service.....or none at all.

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