Friday, November 04, 2005


38. interesting number. i never thought i'd have "38" so intimately associated with my chronological age. but there it is. 38. thirty-eight. thirty. eight. nope....doesn't appear to be growing on me in the least bit. i'm not sure if it is the 38 itself or the fact that there is only one number between 38 and 40.

my birthday was november 1st. the week prior to the big nothing event i purchased the whole line of "old lady face stuff" (OLFS) from my local target. until i can afford the real dermotological procedures, the over the counter versions will have to suffice. well, i've been using the OLFS for a week and a half now and i don't see a difference. i guess maybe this is where i have to exercise that adult virtue of "patience"? hmmm.........maybe i'm not quite grown up enough to exercise patience just yet.

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