Friday, November 04, 2005

play guitar.

my birthday present this year was a black fender starcaster. nice little starter electric deal. not great but it's a nice little guitar.
it's been years since i've even held a guitar. i find myself really wishing i could find the electric that i had back in high school. i sold it when i was in my mid-20s and realized that my hearing was going to do nothing but get worse. that was an amazing guitar. i can't even remember what brand it was. i know it wasn't anything popular-like gibson or fender. i do know that it was a beautiful natural woodgrain with super gloss finish, a hard case (one with a little flip up box in the "neck" for storing stuff like the picks and cords and stuff), and a small to mid-sized amp. i figure that all that would cost me close to 4 to 5 grand these days. i guess i was stupid for getting rid of it in the first place.
it's nice to have a guitar back in my hands though. i'm looking forward to relearning what i've forgotten and learning even more. i'd like to really challenge myself with this. maybe i can avoid failure with this. maybe. just maybe.

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