Wednesday, May 14, 2008

drive by updating.

wow. like a whole frickin' month. that's amazing. how'd the time slip by so fast? oh i know! because i was so frickin' BUSY! gesh. lawdhaffmercy.
i'm grading and meeting with students and meeting with colleagues and avoiding pre-registration crisis by the skin of my teeth (who knew that teeth had skin?!) and trying to do some writing and preparing for summer class and working on a manuscript revision and OH! trying to maintain what little sanity i have left (if i ever had any--which is, indeed, questionable).
my nephew is graduating from high school next week. he SO rocks and not only because he's MY nephew but because he's just one of the most talented and sweetest dudes around.
next mama has a birthday! i won't mention how young she is but suffice it to say, she's MY mama therefore she rocks!
then we travel to aunt cookie's to visit. everyone else has been down to visit her new digs but me. she moved to her new place with uncle in tow around about the time i moved to jersey.
then there is summer school. i'm teaching the first summer term AND trying to find a new apartment in the event that i'm unable to reach an agreement with my current landlord. then i'm spending time down home (wayyyyyy down home) visiting family and doing some writing.
ok so like that's the latest from the not-so-greatest. so what's the haps with ya'll?


coolchick said...

Great to see you post again!!

Whassup with me? Jake graduated from college last Sunday. Work's going super (I got an award today! Yay me!) Sleep totally rocks. That's about it!

Stew Magoo said...

Yes, glad you're still alive.

I've been learning to kill fish with my mind.

Deana said...

I missed some blogging myself. Life is too busy these days to do it daily or even visit close to daily!

Arwen said...

Miss you, miss you, miss you!

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