Monday, October 01, 2007

monday is almost over.

today was a long day. i didn't have time to post my mo' love mondays pick due to lack of planning on my part. i ended up spending my morning running around picking up a few things to fix the messes i made and complete the unfinished projects from the weekend. so ya'll just have to deal with a hodge podge of stuff.
my brother hurt his back. i think it happened at work but he's in a world of pain. poor fella.
my uncle had prostate surgery on friday. he is doing great and making a very good recovery thus far.
i had blood work & urinalisis run on friday and the results came back today. everything is normal, except for the glucose levels. fortunately for me, it isn't full blown diabetes YET, but the doc wants to talk to me *sigh*. i kinda know what to expect, and i wish i didn't have to deal with it.
i have some great students. it's a huge change from the students i had last year and i am so thankful for them.
i'm debating attending a church in the city. it would mean an extra day of commuting. not sure i want to do that.
tylenol PM is really good in the vanilla flavor.
i love my pal, dani and wish i could give her a big ole hug right now.
i am thinking about and praying for my friend marcia and her daddy pretty much all the time.
i have been thinking about and praying for one particular family member here lately. this relative is going through an incredibly difficult time and struggling with addiction. i love this person so much and i wish that i could take away all the pain and hurt that they ever felt.
i watch people in the city and during my commute and i wonder what their lives are like. i hope they are happy.

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Arwen said...

Phew! That's a lot of stuff. I'll add some of those to my "meditation list" and keep sending good thoughts your way!