Friday, September 28, 2007

my thursday night rendezvous

thursday was an amazing day for me. i made myself adopt a different attitude regarding how i respond to people and it worked! i met a ton of wonderful, interesting, and kind people all day long.
thursday evening, ainsley and i attended a tekserve presentation on OmniFocus by Ken Case, and Ethan Schoonover of the Omni Group and Merlin Mann of 43folders.
i wanted to get a photo of Ainsley with all three of the presenters but they split up after the presentation to hold court amongst the groupies masses.

buncha groupies, originally uploaded by jac__.

since i'm a huge fan of 43folders and of merlin mann, i opted to at least get a picture of Ainsley with Merlin.

awwwwww, originally uploaded by jac__.

Merlin was sufficiently impressed with Ainsley.

oh my!, originally uploaded by jac__.

honestly many people were impressed with Ainsley and i suspect she may have also been impressed.

tek whut?, originally uploaded by jac__.

we met norma, a wonderful lady with lots of valuable advice for us, and several other people whose names i unfortunately i didn't get or didn't write down (hence i can't remember). i know, bad me! overall, it was a blast! i'll we'll definitely attend more presentations/seminars at Tekserve!
between train stations, a very nice man gave me directions and offered some valuable unsolicited advice. wherever you are, mr-don't-forget-to-go-right-then-back-left-to-the-WTC-station, you rock and made me think aloud "i love this city and i love these people!" on the train ride home, i met more very nice people, two of whom actually spoke to ME rather than the dog. that was a refreshing change of pace! one person, theresa, gave me and ainsley a very nice and much appreciated parting gift of freshly baked rosemary bread! theresa is a baker with beautiful curly red hair. theresa, wherever you are--thank you so much again! you're an angel! one of the people we talked to was a young man who works on wall street and was just so laid back and amazingly charming. he was the kind of person i would have loved to have shared a couple of beers with and talked with for a while. i'll probably never see that kid again. wherever you are right now mr i-look-like-wall-street-but-i'm-not-all-about-wall-street, you, too, are an angel. the previous day left me feeling very down about how i was treating people and, in turn being treated BY people. you reminded me that there are wonderfully nice, normal, considerate, caring people on this planet--people who give me reason for being a nicer person myself. thank you from the bottom of my heart! ainsley thanks you too!

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Arwen said...

That sounds like an INCREDIBLE time!