Tuesday, August 14, 2007


so i left indiana today. heading to jersey.
nice drive today. finish up tomorrow with a few stops along the way to see some interesting things.
speaking of interesting things.......i got to meet a long time internet friend briefly today. she's as beautiful and charming and down to earth in person as i could have ever imagined her being.
i honestly felt weird. i didn't want to meet her. why? because of my appearance. i've gained tons of weight (pun intended), recently went with a very "butch" kinda buzzcut hairdo, and opted for some ill fitting weird-assed pants which i bought in the largest size i could find thinking that i'd need it to cover my humongeous ass and gut. for some reason i'm not all that thrilled that they are too big. go figure.
i talked to my california cousin on the phone during a bit of the drive. she's such a nut. i love her to pieces. she and her husband are two of my favorite people in the world. they love animals and have an ever expanding animal baby brood. i'm so jealous!
i talked to my mama, too. we talk a lot more than we used to. i would say that we actually have a relationship, whereas, i'm not so sure we have ever had a real relationship in the past. better late than never, for sure.
tomorrow i continue my trek eastward. i think that i might take a detour here and there since i found out that my apartment may not be completely ready by tomorrow night. my landlord wants everything to be completed and nice for me. he seems like a straight up kinda guy. of course, i've been horribly wrong about people in the past, so who knows?
ainsley is enjoying everything in her typical ainsley way. some days i really wish i was a golden retriever.


Kelly said...

Drive safe, and make sure to share pictures!

As for the weight- I can understand...my oldest and very best friend will be close enough that we can actually see each other for the first time in over 5 years...and I don't want to because of my weight. But those who love us, love us.

Arwen said...

Yay for meeting awesome people! I can't wait to hear about New Jersey and your new digs.

ƒåυνέ said...

"those who love us, love us"
Kelly's smart.


Though I really have more pictures of your dog's ass at my house now then I really need. Boy is weird...

Anonymous said...

Doesn't make any difference what you wear or how you cut your hair...anyone that meets you is going to love you....