Sunday, June 24, 2007

mr. bigstuff

had a garage sale yesterday. did great. unloaded some questionably big furniture--i LOVE it, but i have no clue if it will fit wherever i end up moving. met some nice people. wore myself out. made a nice chunk of change.

anyway.... this lady comes in with what i presume to be female relatives as they all looked very much alike--same haircolor & eye color. she's interested. bedroom suite is still in the bedroom so i take her in to look, mentioning--house is a mess, piles of boxes and junk and stuff, etc. please disregard all that, blah blah blah. she wants the bedroom suite. she loves it. she's as picky as i was when it took me over a year to find a bedroom suite i was happy with. she wants her hubby to come look at it before she forks over the full amount for it. they come back in about an hour with hubby in tow. hubby takes a peek. hubby approves. asked for a little bit reduction in price. as she really likes it and seems like a nice lady, i agreed. well hubby, seeming nice enough, but not the brightest bulb in the box, started wandering around my house looking at things. i joked it off and corralled them all out and back to the garage. he wanted to check out my guitar, also being kept inside so as not to get fingerprints and possibly damaged by unknowing garage salers. he and i go back in and he checks it out and asks a few questions. says his dad plays, might be interested, will bring him back when they come back to pick up the furniture, blah blah blah. fast forward. the afternoon has turned into a thunderstorm frenzy. dog is scared to death. bedroom furniture hubby comes back with dad in tow to see guitar and let me know they'd like to wait until the next day to pick up furniture because of the rain. we work that out. dad wants guitar, gives me money, we start packing it up. meanwhile, bedroom furniture hubby starts surveying the junk on my tiny little cafe table (my dining table) near the guitar. i told him "dude, you're nosey" and looked at the dad as we continued packing up guitar "he really is nosey". dude laughs and starts messing with the iron which is in the middle of all the junk that i temporarily housed on the table top in preparation for the garage sale. i was getting a little irritated at noseyboy. "dude, the iron is NOT for sale". dude put my iron down on top of a very red, very visible, very nice, very fancy looking folder emblazoned with my recent alma mater (aka big time doctorate degree holder). i'm surprised i didn't go all ape-shit on him. but i wanted him to leave and i wanted to keep his money.
for some reason, that has just been bothering the hell out of me all yesterday and still today. he wasn't an a-hole, but he was just a little nosier than i appreciate. maybe i was being a bit defensive, but damn......dude.
ok thanks for letting me vent.


Anonymous said... sold my BR furniture! Good for you!!! Hope you made tons of moola. Now go read my blog! LOL

coolchick said...

That is totally weird. I know you were glad when they left!