Tuesday, May 22, 2007

well now, that was interesting!

i be gradumatated! *big ole shit eatin' grin*

ainsley and i met up with my mama in detroit and flew into madison then drove up to the wisconsin dells in a rented mustang and stayed in a high falutin' resort from mothers day (may 13th) through sunday, may 20th. i graduated, with ainsley by my side and sporting a mortarboard cap, from UW-Madison with a doctorate on Friday, May 18th. it was a memorable occaision. it was special for many different reasons. it really was the culmination of many hard learned lessons over the past four to five years. i felt a part of a larger whole as the chancellor talked about our responsibility to uphold the stellar reputation of UW-Madison. i felt validated, too. that was perhaps the most rewarding feeling of all.

because my camera battery went dead during the hooding ceremony, i don't yet have pictures of myself and ainsley and others to share. for now you'll have to oooohhhh and ahhhhh at ainsley's cute little "practice" picture where she tried on her handmade mortarboard cap for final fittings. (thanks mama & miss jimmie lou!)


coolchick said...

Woo hoo!!! Ainsley looks sooo beautiful!

I'm so proud of you and Ainsley. You both worked very hard for this!

Anonymous said...

You ROCK!!! I always knew you would get to this place one day. You are an incredible person and you deserve every success and every happiness you receive!!

Love ya!