Friday, May 11, 2007

strolling through the neighborhood

snotty cheetos is addicted.

there is an interesting tale told for fork in the head friday over at fauve's

marcia has lotta stuff! i spent lotta moolah for lotta her stuff! check out her charms

ninja poodles is working her way back and wondering "am i a bad person?". go see why.

villainous company mentioned something about some kind of body part poetry slam thingamabob. it's a hoot!

jess riley is an oprah-watching-leather-wearing-vegetarian-hippie (she always does have to be the "interesting" one!), but once in a while jess can be slightly coherent.

deana tells us all about her event-filled day watching after sparky (and others) over at friday night fish fry. i absolutely love her new self-portrait! how adorable. the dog isn't too shabby either!

dooce is certain (as certain as a dooce can be) that potty training starts soon.

fussy is taking a chance on being girly. i think she's right adorable. she did, after all, inspire me to cut my own hair. :-)

redneck diva plans to celebrate mother's day in redneck splendor! sounds like a load of fun to me.

mighty girl tells us about an "ouch" kinda moment.


Melody said...

What a lovely stroll across the neighbourhood! Heehee... I must stroll over to your neck of the woods a little more often me thinks!

I'm here via Michele today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

margalit said...

Nice links you have there. How about next week linking up some lesser known blogs, too.

Here via Michele tonight

Deana said...

Why Thanks! I will stroll through some of the others you mentioned.

coolchick said...

Hey Jacque, tell Snotty Cheetos she's got her blog set so only people with a Google account can sign in and comment. That can be reset, I think, so that anyone can comment.

Thanks for the links -- gives me more to read!

Anonymous said...

Finally! Some essential information! I had no idea I was only allowing certain people into my little corner of the blogging world. Maybe I should re-name it "SNOBBY Cheetos"?!