Monday, February 12, 2007

the oldest and most charming profession in the world

when my pal, marcia, announced that she was starting a new business and had set up a website to "sell her wares", i figured the loss of her 20 some odd year job really hit her hard that she had decided to go into the world's oldest profession for women. yep. hookin'. call her lady marmalade. gitchie gitchie ya ya yeah. why would i think such a thing? i mean marcia is like the worlds coolest chick, the proudest mother that a young man could possibly have, the most devoted daughter to a loving father, and damn, if she ain't even friendly with her ex-hubby's wife. not that such characteristics would be lacking in any woman of the night per se, but anywhooooo...........perhaps it was the name of marcia's website that led me to giggle and jump to conclusions?, dear reader, is NOT an "escort" service. it IS, however, the ecommerce home of some really cool beaded charms for your zippers on your jackets and outfits, your cell phone, your purse (or man bag), your wine & cocktail glasses, and lots of other really schweet charms. check out marcia's site and buy something! you won't regret it.

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coolchick said...

Awwww!!! I'm honored. Thanks so much Jacque. You da bomb baby!

Yes people, I have wares, but NOT the marmalade kind! (although there are some orange things!) Thanks to Jacque for the link and advertising!