Monday, February 12, 2007

bff or something like it

i'm quite jealous of my dear friend, the fauvemeister, and her thing. they got a really cute kinda relationship goin' on over there AND fauve looks absolutely gorgeous these days (not that she ever looks anything less than gorgeous).

queen marcia of the charming & cool chick sort sent me a cool pink flip flop charm for my cell phone. is it not the shizz? of course it is! now go get you one too!

having trouble sleeping again these days, i've spent some time surfing the blogs and i ran across one that i absolutely have to recommend and is new to my blog roll: mom-o-matic -- she's friggin' hilarious. go check her out. yes, now.
one of the blogs that i sorely miss keeping up with is naomi at old old lady in the hills. her posts are absolutely delightful, as is she. she often posts the most magnificent photographs along with thought provoking commentary. i'm glad i found her blog. she's certainly enriched my days more than once or twice. give her a peek as well. she totally rocks.
dooce gives me the belly jiggles with her wise-acre descriptions of her everyday life, especially her guesstimations of her little daughter's inner thoughts. i wonder how the jesus christ toddler bed thing is going.
i thoroughly enjoyed catching up on the mighty girl's adventures, which include the musings of the suckiness of pregnancy or rather the lack of suckiness.
Fussy went to walmart to buy a garage. not a building for holding your junk or your vehicles, but a magazine. go see her rationale behind the purchase of said literature.
ninjapoodles has been just plain ole busy... ok well not "plain" maybe crunchy--you, know--of the nutty variety? she also posts a really yummy sounding recipe for a goulash. check her out.
wordnerd had a very ugly encounter with a picture of an old guy. i wonder if she'll ever recover?
the immortals had a close call recently. now everyone go out and buy CO2 detectors, pronto!
rosey posey puddin' pie has some fun with the kids recently. i really really really like her style!
another chick who definitely has style is jess riley. jess is far from hot these days. it seems cold is the new hot. or something like that.
that's all for now.


coolchick said...

More snow pics please!!!

ƒåυνέ said...


I'm just glad you're posting more often.
[slinks off before jac reminds her to update her own friggin blog]