Saturday, January 27, 2007

roaring fires and dreams of sandy beaches.

snow has been on the ground for about a week. it is now melting and of course, the ground is soggy and yucky. ainsley has enjoyed the snow and surely wants for more. this is where we differ in opinion. i am dreaming of sunny skies, warm breezes, and tropical beaches. i'm considering one of those light-boxes that is supposed to help you feel better during the dreary, gray days of winter. either that or a trip to sunnier locales is forthcoming.

classes are going well and the job search is moving along slowly. i would love for things to move along much faster, but i'm not gonna fret (too much).

noel's remains returned this week and i do believe ainsley knows it is noel in that bag. i have a pretty carved wooden box that i am cleaning up really good to put noel in. i miss her cranky little butt. i miss her standing in the hallway waiting for me to come to bed. i miss her curling up on top of me to take naps. i miss her sweet little kitty kisses. all in all i miss my sweet little girl. here's an adorable picture of noel & ainsley about a year ago.

talked to the bro this week. it's been a while. the nephew, ever growing talent that he is, is preparing for a trip to the Vatican this summer to sing with a special choir. He is all musicals and broadway and talented as all friggin' get out. i'm so proud of him. maybe he will let me post some of his performances someday.

i'm looking for a new digital camera. i lost my olympus stylus 410 back in september. i was really digging that camera. i'm considering different brands but i keep gravitating back to the olympus digital cams. i miss going exploring and picture taking like i used to do.

for the time being, i plan to laze around the fire, toasting my toes and sipping hot tea while giving ainsley a belly rub. you could almost mistake me for a pampered princess *cough-bullshit-cough*


Mr. Althouse said...


Here from Michele's and I'm just kind of poking around. Sorry to hear about your loss - it seems to be that a few of my blog friends have lost long-term pets of late. It's sad.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics to remember Noel by.

I can see why you were so attached to Noel. She was a very beautiful creature.

Keep your head up and continue to love on Ainsley!

Anonymous said...

JAC I meant to thank you for stopping by my blog by the way.

colleen said...

We both have dogs posted. I guess this is Noel? So sorry for your loss.

coolchick said...

Jac, I just returned from my mini-vacation in Myrtle Beach, where it never got above the mid-50s! It was beautiful however, and a nice change of scenery. Wish you'd been with us, even though it wasn't warm!

Glad to hear you've got Noel back with you. You know I did the same when Puglet passed, and I take special care of his beautiful wooden box that holds his remains. I have his collar/tags carefully laid on top of the box, which sits on my entertainment center, near my malachite collection. I'm glad I have it.


Keetha said...

So glad that we're back in touch! And I'm terribly sorry for your loss -

Keetha said...
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