Monday, August 21, 2006

role reversal

well today went by quite well. i had a couple of mini-scares that something was screwed up, but i was quite mistaken. i got through my first class with flying colors. i attended a late student orientation meeting in our department, which went well. then i had my last class of the day, which went pretty good. i had some moments where i had difficulty hearing. i'll have to work on that. even a year later, i'm still learning to adjust all the various settings on all the programs on my processor.
ainsley was an angel today. it's like she knows she has to be on her best behavior. i'm tired & i'm relieved that it is over. of course i get to start all over on wednesday, but the first day, the first step, the initial leap, is done. the rest will be easier. maybe one day, i'll even feel comfortable in the whole outfit of this new role. just maybe.


coolchick said...

Professor Jac, I could have told you today would go swimmingly! *smoochies*

I love flip flops too by the way.

Anonymous said...'ve become a bigtime university instuctor and you can't write anything in your blog about it¿¿¿

Let's hear from you little girl.

love ya,

ƒåυνέ said...

::blows the dust off::

Miss you!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Congratulations my dear Jac...I believe it will get easier...!
That first step---that first day of anything new is always the hardest, don't you think?