Saturday, March 11, 2006

saturday slump busters.

this has been an extremely slow week for posting. i do apologize for those handful of ya'll that look forward to seeing what i'm going to complain about next. trust me, there is still plenty for me to complain about !
i'm preparing for a job interview in california. it's my first interview for a position in academia, so i've been doing my research. i've found a helpful list of the types of questions you might expect as well as questions that you might want to ask different individuals that you meet. part of me is thrilled to death and really wants the job, then the practical side of me figures they already know which of the invited interviewees they want. i'm not going to get myself all worked up. i'm going to go, enjoy myself, BE myself. if i get the job, WONDERFUL. if i don't, at least i've had practice for the next interview--if there is a next interview.
the other thing i've been stressin on is my dissertation. i've mentioned that i've been having trouble with the writing of the proposal. nothing seems to be coming as easy as did the first proposal (which i dropped because it was going to be much more complicated a project than i really wanted to take on for the dissertation). i'm fighting the urge to have a melt-down and just hoping that things will flow better once the job interview is over and my focus is completely on the dissertation.
i'm realizing how very much i have allowed my personal appearance to deteriorate. i'm not at all pleased with the way that i look. i'm not horrible. godzilla status is still a ways off for me, but i know that i am not presenting myself to the best of my ability. i wonder if they have image coaches who will help you polish up your appearance? surely the ubiquitous 'they' has image coaches..... i just wonder if 'they' have any image coaches that work pro bono. i'm waiting for the TLC What Not To Wear 360 mirror to arrive at my local mall so i can go nominate myself. they probably would say my case was more severe than they could possibly deal with. i wouldn't be surprised.
on a lighter note, i went to my second guitar lesson today. i just love my teacher. he's such an upbeat kinda guy and thoroughly cute too. i practiced for an hour after i got home. someday soon, miss ma'am (that's me) will be rockin' some wicked riffs! jimi hendrix will smile!
so ... in a fairly good sized nutshell, that's what's been going on with me and the reason behind my sparse posting this week.
stay tuned, because i have plans....big plans for this little blog!

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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Where in California is your interview, Jac? Los Angeles possibly???

I hear, by the way, that the show was terrific last night...I know it will be even better tonight and Sunday will be the best cause they've got one and then two under their belt! Thanks for the good wishes....!