Wednesday, December 31, 2008

see it. be it.

on this last day of 2008, many people are thinking about, talking about, or avoiding the age old ritual of new year's resolutions. most folks plan to lose weight or stop smoking/drinking. those are the most popular new year's resolutions. most of the same folks lose their momentum sometime around february 1st or shortly after the super bowl game, whichever comes first and it's no wonder with all the beer, nachos, and burger ads. the reason most folks fail at keeping their new year's resolutions is not because they are stupid, lazy, or gullible (although some may, indeed be all three). they fail because they never quite get past the setting the resolution stage. they never set up a game plan for succeeding.
looking back at the goals i have accomplished and those that i have failed to accomplish, there is indeed a common thread. those goals that i managed to accomplish were goals that i planned out step by step. i figured out what steps i needed to take to be successful. i considered what obstacles i might face and how to overcome them. i considered a plan B, plan C, and vowed to be flexible in case there was a need for a plan D. but most importantly, i imagined myself being successful. i utilized the power of the human mind (and i'm living proof that little can indeed be large when it comes to brain power).
most successful people will tell you that it takes visualizing the end result to get to the end result. if you cannot imagine yourself being successful, you are less likely to be successful. ask any top notch successful athlete or entrepreneur and they will tell you that visualization is definitely a factor in increasing your probability for success.
i often refer to the practice of visualization as playing a self-made movie in my head. is it any wonder that i harbor fantasies of being an actress? you get to make up the script, the wardrobe, the lighting, the cinematography, set design, everything! and you can even alter details on a whim and in a split second--or less. you get to be the hero (or the bad guy, if that's your kinda thing). i like the little movies in my head far better than some authentic hollywood products these days. of course, serial killers often used the power of visualization to, ahem, acheive their goals.
now i'm not saying that you'll definitely be successful if you sit around daydreaming all day about landing an incredible job, hooking up with that hot guy/girl, or getting super fit. no see dude, you actually have to DO the thing you picture yourself doing. the visualization part makes you more comfortable in doing it, helps you improve your actual skills in doing whatever you need to be doing, & reinforces progression to a positive outcome. that nike ad really did have something going for it you know?
so, as ya'll get ready to throw yourselves into the new year with new plans, goals, and aspirations, remember that you can help yourself become successful by picturing yourself actually being successful. and how cool is that?

*check out this google search on visualization to help you locate helpful resources for your particular goals.


coolchick said...

Good idea! Happy 2009!

DeadpanAnn said...

Nice post.

It wasn't a New Year's resolution, but I quit smoking on June 4, 2005. I had a plan, and I followed it.

Last year I quit drinking on January 19, and I did have a plan, and I've followed it.

I'm now picturing myself hot and skinny. Need a plan...

Healthy Beauty Secrets With Duong said...

Oh I love your title, that's RIGHT! SEE IT. BE IT. clever. Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. Have a great day!

Novelty Pens said...

As I read this I think back to the resolutions made... and more importantly the ones kept.