Wednesday, November 05, 2008


tuesday, november 5, 2008 will definitely go down in history as one of the greatest days of our time. change has certainly come to america and the world. while i did not support our new president elect with my own vote for my own reasons, i was indeed moved by the moment. the record turn outs proved that each vote really does count. i hope that this shows many others that they, too, should vote because they DO have a voice in our government. i am indeed proud to be an american. i am proud to have witnessed another barrier broken.
i am still concerned about what happens now. i am one who can be moved and affected by words, but for whom actions are key indicators of true intention. i will wait. i will watch. i will support and i will celebrate, but i will insist that our president be held accountable for his words and his actions. i am hopeful. cautiously hopeful.
i want to break out in dance and song (not a pretty sight for onlookers i'm certain) to celebrate one more barrier broken, and yet at the same time, i know that this historical moment cannot overshadow the realities of the world of politics. barak obama is a politician, no matter how different he may present himself to the world. our society asks, no demands, that politicians please all the people all the time. this is an impossible task. i know that there will be times that i agree with our new administration and there will be times that i disagree, as with all administrations that i have followed in my adult life. now is the time to set aside differences and disagreements and work for improvements for ALL americans.
preseident-elect obama said that he hears even my voice and that he is dedicated to being my president, too. my hope is that he will be my president by his actions, not just his title. my hope is that he fulfills his campaign promises and that my fears of what is to come will be quelled.
congratulations mr. obama. congratulations america. thank you mr. mccain for your graceful and respectful concession speech. thank you all who voted in this election to prove that each and every voice really does count.


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I'm for Chope. Which is a combination of Hope and Change. Because Chang is not only silly, its un-American!

I suggest you stock up on Bacon. Bacon love you. I know it loves ME!

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