Tuesday, September 30, 2008


so. about 2 weeks ago i twisted my foot some kinda funny way and it was hurting. pretty darn bad. but i kept on keeping on because, as you all know, i'm oh so busy. so here it is, 2 weeks later and it ain't feeling much better so i got a friend to take me to one of them there immediate care clinics--you know, not quite ER and not quite a bonafide doctor's office. well looks like i've been crunching around on a severe sprain and thus rendered it inflammed. at least it isn't a stress or hairline fracture as i was suspecting. the doc gave me permission to take aleve every 12 hours, charged me up the wazoo for a compression thing for my foot & ankle, and told me to come back in a week if it wasn't better.
oh and see, i've been without my vehicle because my brakes went out about the time that i eff'ed up my foot so i've been walking to the train station (1.5 miles) two times a week to go to work. i was eating tylenol rapid release tablets like they was candy. dude. i had friends pick me up at night since it was usually kind of late when i got in.
i go to pick up my truck tomorrow (hopefully) and part with more of my hard earned cash. (boo-hoo). i think i'm gonna start walking to the train station when the forecast is for decent weather. i can always call a friend or catch a cab if the weather is frightful or it's super scary late.
i've done a great deal of cleaning in the basement and some progress has been made on the "decor" of "le cottage". photographic evidence will surely follow at some point in the unforseeable future.
someone i love and respect so very much is having some extremely serious health issues and i hope that those few readers that i do have will keep my uncle butch in their thoughts and prayers. he needs every little bit that he can get. he's most definitely one of the good ones. that i guarantee.


Stew Magoo said...

Silly girl. Haven't you heard that crack kills?

Hope your Uncle gets better soon. Tell him Stew said, "hi". Would it help if I sent some bacon>


coolchick said...

Watch that Aleve on your tummy!

Prayers for your uncle are on the way!