Monday, March 31, 2008


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ever seen those commercials for the credit cards? the ones that say "what's in YOUR wallet?" makes me sorta want to flip out my wallet and account for everything that i keep in there. a while back, while surfing on flickr, which i tend to do when bored, i found a pool or group called What's In Your Bag? where folks post a photo and label all the stuff they carry in their day to day bags whether it be a purse, backpack, messenger bag, briefcase, diaperbag, whatEV. so i finally decided to submit my own photo to document my bag and my junk in my bag. the awesome bag is a new one from etsy. i've got lots of dog stuff, nose stuff, lip stuff, hand stuff, writing stuff, ear stuff, and basic junk. this photo was of a very light day. i'm missing the orange agenda, bottled water, and other random crap that tends to accumulate in whatever bag i'm carrying.
what about you? what's in YOUR bag?

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coolchick said...

Girl, you are nuts! Love the bag! What's in my bag? First, let's talk about the bag. It's a brandy colored leather Liz Claiborne bag I saw at Dillard's for $138, but later found online for $60. Inside, I've got my little leopard cosmetic bag that has a wide tooth comb, powder, lipstick stuff, etc. Then I've got a black Eddie Bauer leather wallet with gobs of stuff in it. Then there are some keys, my biz card holder, change, pens, eyeglass cleaner towelettes, an Owl, receipts, drugs and God knows what else. Yours looks so neat compared to mine!