Thursday, March 20, 2008


dude. life is moving swift as of late. i've been busy. work. taxes. critters. plans. sleep. whew.
ainsley is feeling much better thanks to all those who asked. she was actually FULL of energy on tuesday morning. she was so excited about going to "work" and actually surprised me with improved alerting at work. i'm practicing more with her throughout the day and asking regular office visitors to help with the door knock alert. it seems to be working.
i've been using the cell phone camera to take the pictures and i'll take one of her later and post. i keep forgetting to charge the battery on my stinking olympus point and shoot digital camera. i really don't like the camera to be honest with you. i just cannot seem to get the hang of it and take pictures as good as with the old camera. the old one was an olympus also but it was an older model. i liked it way better. i really want a DSLR and have been eyeing the Canon Rebel EOS XTi and the Nikon D40. if i can decide on one of the two i'll start prowling craigslist and ebay.
i've been struggling with a few things lately. one of those things is the need to "man up" and be a grown up. i don't really wanna, but i'm certain i hafta. another thing is that my plantar fasciitis has been flaring up really bad lately. it hurts like f#$*ing HELL. i've stretched. i've taken aleve. i've massaged. i'm tired of this crap.
now work is rocking. i love my job and the people i work with. i have the absolute best mentors in the world and i'm lucky enough to be able to say they are also my friends. i never thought i'd be doing what i'm doing today and never thought i'd be doing much of anything in NYC of all places. i'm so glad i'm pleasantly surprised.


coolchick said...

Glad Ainsley is feeling better. Got any idea what was wrong with her?

Girl, I've got that plantar fasciitis crap too, and it's soooo aggravating. I look like an old hag when I get out of bed or get up after sitting for awhile. I can't take Aleve, and find that Motrin or ibuprofen doesn't really help much. The stretching helps, but good Lord, just how much can one person stretch, eh? It's a pain in the arse.

jac said...

dude, i broke down and wore my old Nike ACG trail runners and my feet feel so much better! I would wear them all the time if i could but you know how they expect you to dress professionally and Nikes aren't exactly the epitome of professional dress shoes. I'm also planning to order some Croc RX Relief shoes from the CrocRX website. They were made specifically for people with plantar faciitis.

coolchick said...

I'm a huge fan of Crocs but I've never heard of those shoes! I wear the Crocs Celeste to work almost daily (I've got a brown pair and a black pair!) Send me the link to the RX shoes???