Friday, March 07, 2008

daily dog

dawson & ainsley, originally uploaded by jac__.

since dooce hase a daily chuck and fussy has damn near daily cookie & peewee maybe i should do a daily pet entry (now we all know just how far that "daily" part is gonna get with me don't we???)

here's an adorable picture of ainsley & her buddy dawson. dawson is a guide dog and is just absolutely a wonderful fella. he and ainsley are in l.o.v.e. trust me. they are.


Deana said...

Why does he have to wear that little muzzle? Just for training? We are in fact at the book store you mentioned on July 17th. I was reading your comment to my husband and he said "Well honey we are going there." How bout that?

jac said...

poor little dawson has to wear the hannibal lecter / darth vader get up because he will eat anything that isn't nailed down (and even if it is nailed down, he'll try to un-nail it). his human is blind so he can't tell when dawson eats something or even worse, eats something harmful.
you're gonna LOVE this bookstore and you'll love oxford, too.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

They are very sweet together....!
I wonder if she hates wearing that muzzle....I know I would! (lol)

Deana said...

Well that makes since. I know my little Labs would've eaten anything in the free world. They are a wee bit better least with chewing anything they can sink their teeth into. I am really pleased to have met someone who knows a store!

jac said...

naomi, dawson has no problem having the muzzle put on him and it doesn't seem to be irritating to him, but he takes just about every opportunity to rub against any nearby human's leg to try to get it off. he's a sweet boy.