Thursday, March 27, 2008


me, originally uploaded by jac__.

ten years have changed many things about me. not the least of these things is the thickness of my hair or the perkiness of the girls. posting the truthiness photo and comments that i got (and often get) about my hair being so thick made me laugh. my hair is very thin compared to how thick it was in this picture. where did the time go? how the hell did i get where i am today?


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I had trouble when I was here before and couldn't comment...So I am glad I can now....!

You look wonderful in BOTH pictures...! And your hair still looks thibk in the morning...well, at least it does to me.
I am afraid this is one challange that I won't be am so unhappy with how I look these days--no matter the time of day---(Oh Dear...this getting old really sucks, bigtime!

coolchick said...

Jac, my hair used to be much thicker as well. Since I had all my ladyparts removed in 2002, my hair, while still thick, is considerably less so. I work hard to find sources of protein to keep it from falling out since I don't eat that much meat, but part of the falling out stuff is due to the length. It gets caught on stuff like my purse strap, the car door/window, seat backs etc. I should probably grow up and just cut it, but I like it waist length. And lets not even discuss the grayness I have to disguise!

Novelty Pens said...

Very Photogenic!