Monday, February 04, 2008


it's been forever since i tried to get in touch with my artsy fartsy side. so long that i wondered if it was still there (the artsy, not the fartsy--the fartsy is alive and well, tyvm). before christmas i got a little creative with a project that i wanted to try out. i was going to just test out fusing plastic bags together to make stronger reusable plastic bags. as i went with the flow of things, i ended up adding scraps of paper and being a bit more freehand with the plastic pieces. the result was rather artsy. so i mounted pieces of the finished product on colored scrapbook paper (cardstock actually) and i kinda like the way it looks.
just thought i'd share that i can actually do more than pick my nose and break wind. you can see more evidence in my flickr create set


Arwen said...

I love the red one and the black one. The other two are great, too!

Deana said...

Very creative...and pretty too!

coolchick said...

Did you use your iron? I tried this with ribbon between wax paper, but honestly didn't like the way it looked. I like your idea of adding the bits -- very cool!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I think these are WONDERFUL! Do not put yourself down by saying..they are "artsy"....No. They Are Art! Truly. End of story.
They Are Absolutely WONDERFUL!