Sunday, February 03, 2008

catfish update.

Catfish update: my initial impression of catfish was way off. he’s actually about 8 or 9 years old. here i thought he was just a baby! he’s already neutered. the ugly mouth deal is one of two things: the big C or some kind of ulcer called “rodent ulcer”. the skin on his upper lips is basically thickened and causing his lips to protrude outward. the thickening appears to be fairly symmetrical which, according to the vet, may be more indicative of cancer. on friday afternoon, he got his shots and gave a blood sample. we’ll see that the blood tests and other labs show before we try to do anything else. hopefully, we will know something more on monday afternoon.
i bought him a cute little collar in blue camo print with a little blue bell attached to it. i was afraid he’d claw at it and go nuts when i put it on him, but he hasn’t had issue with it at all.

he’s used to ainsley now, but precious little ainsley is still cautious and considerate by not making any sudden moves around catfish. it’s cute how they match.

here’s a picture of him lounging on a pile of pillows.

he's such a sweetheart.

i wish i could come up with a better name for him. any suggestions?

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