Sunday, December 09, 2007


mm.... kinda dusty in here. reckon i ought to pull out the swiffer and get to dustin'!

one lovely (and loyal) reader wondered "where ARE you????" and well, that's a damned good question. one that deserves a damned good answer.

the answer is: here, there, and yonder. literally. i've been very busy staying on top of things and generally trying to hang on to the last threads of my precariously perched sanity. life is good, folks. nothing is perfect, but damn, life is really good. normally this time of year, i'm fighting the depression monster with all my might. not so right now (knock on wood). things are going smoothly.

every day that goes by, i learn something new. sometimes i'm disappointed and sometimes i am the disappointment. still, this old world keeps spinning and folks keep going on with their lives, so, therefore, will i.

i wish i could say i'll be making a huge effort to post every day (or something like it), but i can't much say that without flat out lying. next week is the last week of classes and i am forever behind on everything that needs to be done within a certain time frame. i'm also planning a post-christmas vacation for a few weeks visiting family and friends in mississippi. since my laptop croaked (died, like gave up the ghost) and i've been too indecisive and too broke to buy a new one, i probably will have limited access to the computer during my visit. i will say that i will try to post a couple more times before i leave on christmas day. how's that?


Arwen said...

Yay! I'm glad things are great. I wouldn't want them to be any other way! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the end of your classes if you do the same for me. My last final is tonight!

Have fun on your Holiday trip. I'm so excited to have a few weeks off for the holidays this year, I can barely wait for class to be over tonight.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying your new job up there in Yankeeland.

Be careful coming down this way Sweetie.....

Tell your momma hello for us and that we appreciate her calls.

Love you,

coolchick said...

You haven't started talking all Yankee-like have you?

Glad things are good in your new home. Check in when you can. We miss you!

Deana said...

I hope you've enjoyed the holidays and here's wishing you a Happy Happy New Year!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

So glad to see you are back on the net....Your visit over at my blog was a lovely one...Catching up on stuff...So, what is happening with you now?
I hope your trip was a very good one and that you got to do lots of things you wanted to, with family and friends!
A Very Happy and priduction 2008 for you, my dear...May it be filled with lots and lots of good things.