Monday, September 10, 2007

mo' love mondays

Oh My Stinkin' Heck a/k/a OMSH a/k/a Heather is perhaps the coolest of the cool in the blogosphere. she hosts all sorts of give aways, points you in the direction of MANY wonderful bloggers (i love that she spreads the love so much), is straight up honest, funny, and sweet. I am so jealous of her beautiful eyes--talk about KNOCK OUT! not too long ago OMSH started a fun little thing called Color Me Happy Swaparoonie in which unsuspecting internets become addicted to GIVING and RECEIVING cool, color themed treasures! i have, thus far, participated in two color swaps and am signed up and matched for the next one as well. heather is also a genius when it comes to web design. one day i plan to get her to work on my own personal web design/brand. go check out heather at OMSHville today. she ain't feelin' awesome lately (all sicky) so ya'll be sure to send her some get well wishes, too.
rock on!


OMSH said...

See, this was a hard morning. HECK it IS a hard morning! And then? *smooooch* right in the face. Lots of lovin'.

I'm basking in it.
Thank you - you are loverly!


Stew Magoo said...

I thought I was the coolest of the cool. Sort of the new Fonz. And then I woke up...

Thankee for the visit at Get thee Stewed