Monday, July 02, 2007

mo' love

if you're one of my students, you know that one of my phrases is "spread the love". well, now i'm applying the ideal of spreading the love to my little slice of the blogosphere. every monday, i will be picking a well deserved blog to bask in the limelight of mo'love mondays. your job? your job is simple, you just go and visit the spotlighted blogger and leave a little love for them. tell 'em "hey!" throwing in a little love like "you rock!" or "really cool post!" or whatever floats your boat. let 'em know they and their blogging are appreciated.

today the very first mo'love mondays puts the spotlight on a good ole southern boy who's been a big apple transplant for a while now. he's from loosey-anner, which means he's a cajun. today he talks about the 10 most common blogging stereotypes. i wonder what stereotypes my blog fits into?

spread the love to CAJUN BOY IN THE CITY, y'all . don't forget to spread the love in the comments.


coolchick said...



The Cajun Boy said...

much appreciated. am flattered for the shout-out!

Deana said...

I like the cajun boy's icon picture. We have a rooster just like that! I'm headed his way, thanks!

Kate said...

Love the "stereotypes" blog.