Tuesday, June 12, 2007

uh oh.

another sleepless night last night, even though i took otc sleeping pills. spent that time searching for some info on how to use index cards in an organization/planning system. pandoras box has henceforth been loosed.
i imagine there will be many more sleepless nights. i started out on the index card search and was quickly sidetracked by finds over at flickr: hPDA, hipster, and DIYPlanner. then, i was mesmerized by hawkexpress. i liken my sudden organizational lust to my recurrent keanu obsession --stare, drool, blink, repeat -- as i spent a few hours doing just that over hawkexpress' flickr page and then his intensive pile of index cards a/k/a PoIC blog.
i'm completely gone. God help me.


Arwen said...

The good news is that whenever Pandora's box is opened after all the evil pours out, one thing always remains...and that is hope.

On the other end, I'm a little OCD about organization, but I don't stay up late at night losing sleep over it. Doesn't sound like fun :(

coolchick said...

Seriously Jac, sleep is WAY better than searching for organization options!