Thursday, May 24, 2007

thursday thirteen

13 phrases or words that irritate the crap out of me

1) "pop" as in "the color just makes it pop" .....uuuggghhhh if i hear that one more time, i will scream

2) "i'm just sayin' " as in ending some long, irrelevant diatribe with "i'm just sayin'".....well obviously--duh

3) "know what i mean?" as in " blah blah blah blah..know what i mean? blah blah blah blah..know what i mean?" oddly, i used to abuse this phrase quite a good deal myself.

4) "what the hay". if you're gonna use this term, use hell or heck--not hay. damn. go big or go home.

5) "that's hot" a la paris hilton. stfu already!

6) any racial slur. grow up. become self actualized. stop hiding behind your own vulnerabilities.

7) "fark".....does that mean fart or bark or a barking fart or what?

8) "partner" in "my partner and i spent our summer vacation in costa rica". ok just say it...your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your hubby, your wife, wtf is with this androgynous, asexual wordology? i could care less about your sexual preference, but saying "partner" is a little bit too super-secret-mysterious for me. i don't own a decoder ring.

9) "irregardless" is NOT a word.

10) "per se". not too many individuals use this word with a full grasp of it's true meaning and intended purpose. the phrase literally translated from latin means "in itself", "by itself", or "through itself". if you're going to use it, understand it.

11) "by me" as in "the barrista in starbuck's on 87th lives by me". before i met people from "up north" i had never heard this phrase. what the HELL does it mean? next door? across the street? in the vicinity? why can't you just use more specific terminology?

12) "anymore"--this word belongs at the END of a sentence, no where else! do NOT use "anymore" interchangeably with "lately" or "nowadays" as in "anymore, the price of gas doesn't make it worth taking long trips into the country". this improper usage just chaps my ass cheeks.

13) "conversate" --also NOT a word! we do not conversate with others; rather, we converse.


coolchick said...

Good ones!

Carmi said...

You have absolutely mirrored the precise frustrations I feel as a journalist. I could feel my brain writing each of these peeves, and I'm thrilled to know there are others out there whose blood pressure spikes at the mere mention of some of these.

There is hope yet.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL....The one that made me laugh was..."by me"...very New York, I think...or certainly the Tri State Area....Close By Me.ight be a little more accurate, but still awkward, isn't it?
WONDERFUL list, you know?

'L' said...
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'L' said...

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. I had a good laugh reading your 'thursday thirteen'. The phrase, if you can call it that, that makes my skin crawl is (and please excuse the spelling) yaddah, yaddah, yaddah ...

Anonymous said...

What the hay?! Irregardless of your farkin peeves I still think chartreuse just makes your eyes pop! That's HOT! Know what I mean? I'm just sayin anymore when my partner and I conversate we always seem to get around to bashing that Mississippian redneck that lives by me. Know what I mean?

kalisah said...

"Irregardless" gets me, too. Another one I hate is "off line" as in, "We can talk about it off line." WTF is that?