Thursday, May 10, 2007

thursday thirteeen...........uhmmm number... uhhh

how long has it been since i posted a thursday thirteen? quite some time huh? well here we go again!
if you read this, leave a link to your own thursday thirteen in the comments and i will post them!

13 reasons i've neglected my tt postings

1- stress x 1000
2- forgot
3- time
4- can't count that high
5-too busy going crazy
6- choices
7- work
8- sleep
9- temporary fear of lists
10-poor attention span
11-lack of ingenuity
12- CSI trumps blogging
13-because i can

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1 comment:

Blue Monkey Jammies said...

Ha! I might have to borrow one or all of those for myself.

Here via Michele today.