Sunday, February 18, 2007

you live, you learn.

west texas. chicago. nyc. puerto rico. all places i have applications out for a job. i may be able to teach on contract here in indiana for the next academic year, but that's not certain yet. while i wouldn't mind staying here for another year (the pay is great and the cost of living is even better allowing me to save money), it is time for me to get settled into some level of permanency. at the same time, i'm making an effort to just go with the flow. i have always believed that there is a certain place you're meant to be at certain times in your life. the path you take to get to those inevitable places can be wickedly difficult or they can be relatively smooth, depending upon how much you fight the ending. i'm basically tired of fighting. last year i realized this was the case, but i didn't realize that i was still resistant. of course, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, i can see everything for what it was. i hope that i get better at this so that i can see things as they ARE.

if you live, i hope you learn. if you live and you don't learn, well........i'd be tempted to say maybe you really weren't living after all.

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coolchick said...

Puerto Rico? Ooooo... I hear they have lovely beaches. There's no snow there either, I think.

A low cost of living rocks.