Friday, December 15, 2006

ok. that was interesting.

the fat lady has sang her song. it wasn't pretty. kinda reminded me of a really bad kareoke singer and a very kind audience who didn't boo but also didn't applaud very loudly. you know, you feel embarrassed for the poor fool so you don't rip them to shreds, but you also don't want to encourage them to keep singing or, heaven forbid, sing again--you just want to have the whole ordeal come to an end. well, that's pretty much what happened here. say all you want about me exaggerating or over-dramatizing. i know the truth.
now begins the countdown to the next fat lady concert--the grande finale. oh joy.


coolchick said...

What??? What happened? What's the next step???

We miss you, by the way!

Anonymous said... many times does this fat broad have to sing before we find out whether or not you will still be teaching there¿¿¿