Friday, June 09, 2006

baby dreams

oriel is a french name meaning golden, angel of destiny. my grandmother's name was very similar to this.

bari is a french name for either a boy or a girl that means spear thrower, son of harry, marksman. i once knew a really sweet young lady named bari. i've always remembered her name.

bugaboo makes an awesome baby stroller system but *egads* they cost around 800 bux!

everything i've read recently strongly recommends that the mother be at a healthy weight. having pre-existing health conditions is a higher risk for such things as eclampsia and gestational diabetes. so my healthy weight is between 120 and 144 (on average). i'm wondering if medifast or a similar plan might be the way to go? i know that the sooner i pursue the donor insemination or ART, the better. yet at the same time, i realize that it would be absolutely the most beneficial for both myself and possible baby for me to be in as close to ideal physical health.

plum is a great pregnancy magazine for women 35 and over. i highly recommend them.

bobealia reminded me that there is indeed a turkey baster method which is undeniably less costly; however, who fills the turkey baster? hmmmmm ? i figure if i could get someone to fill a turkey baster, i could go the more traditional route and make it more fun. sadly, with my luck, that ain't gonna happen.

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