Friday, February 03, 2006

thursday thirteen v.2

for my second stab at thursday thirteen i thought i would rehash some random thoughts that i've had lately
1) isn't it amazing how the more painful a lesson is, better we learn. we rarely have to have the same lesson twice when it hurts and the depth of the learning is positively and directly correlated to the depth of the pain.
2) if depression is anger turned inward, why is it so hard to turn it outward? are we just a world full of deranged masochists?
3) if peace really is the answer, why haven't we all figured it out?
4) you know you've watched too much television when you mental turn to fictional characters to base your social behavior upon.
5) why is it that we want the things we can't have and don't want the things we can?
6) why do we cry over things that are happening continents away, yet walk in oblivious ignorance to the things that happen just next door?
7) we have all the knowledge we need to do the things that matter, if only we'd dare to step outside the expected script that others have for us.
8) you know that saying "you don't know what you got until it's gone"? well, it applies to the negative things as well as the positive things. i didn't realize just how pathetic it was when i couldn't here. i mean i knew it was bad, really bad.... but i had no clue how very much i was truly missing.
9) sometimes it is ok to hide from the world, wear sweats, sleep all day, and watch silly movies. the key is not letting it last more than 2 or 3 days.
10) taking the first step is all you need to create momentum.
11) a life without risks is a life less lived
12) there are lots of things inside me, yet to be set free and made into reality. if only i'd develop the self-discipline to make them happen, i could actually be proud of myself.
13) sometimes the hardest thing to do, is the simplest thing to do.


Michelle said...

Hello! Here via Michelle today! I like your list. Especially #9

Beanhead said...

Hey thanks for stopping by. By medically managed my diet is managed by my doctor. THey use vitamins and a appetite suppresant and only 500 calories per day. Not fun but effective and they help you learn how to eat again and to maintain once you have lost!

the Intuitive Woman said...

Very good insight in some of those points! Good read, thanks.

Michele sent me. All the best...

Amanda said...

Here via Michele!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Very Profound! Truly! Thanks for coming by my blog today. I just came back from another short walk and saw more interesting things up here...It is in the 80's here...lovely and warm. How is it where you are?

rashbre said...

Wow. A great set of thoughts for T13. Its Saturday here now, and dropped in via Michele's. By co-incidence I also have a T13 posted!



here via michele... but i am a T13'er too! good list!

Carmi said...

I really like this entry. I think it's going to come to work with me: I need stuff to inspire me during the day while I write.