Sunday, February 05, 2006

super bowl sunday.

isn't it interesting how we americans commercialize EVERYTHING! oh now don't get me wrong, i enjoy the little holidays, special events, etc as much as anyone else, but why does it have to be focused on spending money?? i guess i wouldn't be saying this is i was not broke!
i'll be so glad when i'm no longer a student and working full time with the corresponding full-time salary. and still, i'm not so sure that is going to happen any time soon. delays, setbacks, bad luck, and a dose of procrastination have joined forces to jack up the level of doubt in my mind. doubt about what, you say? doubt that i'm going to be employable or even marketable. just because i have not completed my dissertation proposal meeting AND because i don't have publications already, i'm not considered a "good catch". not everyone has an advisor who will give them credit in the bylines for proofreading. yeah i'm jealous. i ain't gonna lie. i've submitted a really old and probably crappy paper for publication, but i don't think anything is going to save me. so what on earth can i do if i don't get a teaching job for the fall? i guess it is time to start thinking about the alternatives.

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utenzi said...

Good luck with everything, Jac. I work in academia and you certainly have legitimate concerns. At least the economy is staggering along fairly well so your economic status might be improving a lot soon. I hope you get published in a good journal!