Sunday, February 26, 2006

the dust chronicles.

i really hate cleaning. strange because i really hate uncleanliness. how can i be such a hypocrite? how on earth does dust collect so fast? you dust one day and you may as well not have dusted by the time day two rolls around? what's up with that? same for friggin' dog hair. you'd think the animals here would be completely bald at the rate that they shed. unfortunately, you can count me amongst the animals who shed! (more on that later)
granted, i'm not a terribly disciplined person. anyone who begs to differ is just completely WRONG. i'm not disciplined. i'm not consistent. and in the midst of the consequences of being undisciplined AND inconsistent, i'm terribly peeved. it's almost like being overwhelmed. no, actually it IS being overwhelmed. funny, there was a time in the semi-distant past that i was much better at this keeping a clean, organized home. not so, today, blog friends.
the dirty laundry piles up. the clean laundry piles up. the dust accumulates. piles of random junk accumulate. dog hair and cat hair settle in the most inconvenient places. don't even think about sitting on the couch while wearing anything black!
yet today i'm actually making headway. well....some headway. i still have MUCH to do, but preparations for tomorrow's class, which are usually done on Sundays, has already been completed. thus, i have time to actually get some cleaning and organizing done.
you know what i'd really, really like to do? i'd like to throw out everything in this apartment and start from scratch. unfortunately, i have no Paris Hilton trust fund. *sigh* on the off chance that i actually DO get a job in the fall, i certainly would like to downsize. i really don't have that much in the way of furnishings, but egads! at the JUNK i've accumulated. one of my goals on my 101 things in 1001 days is to transfer all my paper crap into digital documents. i'm considering buying Adobe Acrobat, or some similar pdf software, to accomplish this goal. i'd certainly feel much better having fewer piles in my domestic domain.
in the meantime, dear blog friends, i shall swiffer till my poor swiffer gives out.
back to cleaning!


Stephanie Davies said...

Wow you sound a lot like me. I also hate my house being a mess and things being disorganized. Now if I could just find a way to get myself motivated to clean and organize my house, I'd be okay!! Come swiffer my house when you are done :D

Here from Micheles today!

Viamarie said...

I guess everyone is in the same wavelength as you.

Cheers from Michele.

Chatty said...

Disorganization and clutter drives me nuts. Cleaning it makes me more nuts!

Michele sent me this evening.

margalit said...

Honey, you need a Roomba. It vacuums dog hair whilst you are out, leaving your floors and carpets dust bunny free. It goes under furniture, too.

I hate to clean so much, I don't. I have a cleaner. But I also have a roomba because if I didn't, we'd be swimming in pet and human hair. BTDT, and the Roomba is worth the expense!

Here via Michele